Wednesday, October 5, 2016


“Don’t ever discount the wonder of your tears….sometimes they are the best words the heart can speak.” The Shack, William Paul Young.

24 Bookers armed with tissues gathered in Rebecca Robinson’s theater to watch the movie version of JoJo Moyes bestselling novel, Me Before You. I should have warned those unsuspecting souls that this qualified as a waterproof-mascara-only event. The Brits were correct in suggesting this one was “a real weepy.” (Recap below) For those wanting more, the sequel, After You, details how Ms. Clark gets on with her life after Will Traynor. Thanks to everyone for heeding our earlier schedule so those playing bridge would have time to freshen their makeup. Welcome new member, Carol Myers, to the group and we hope she will join us again!   

I regret we didn’t have time for the discussion as I suspect it would have been lively. I have a paperback of the novel if anyone is interested in reading it – just let me know. In summary, the book, described similar to Erich Segal’s Love Story, hangs deep emotion on the window ledge and keeps the reader wondering, when we tumble will someone catch us? The author expertly details the contrast in the two main characters. Will, now physically paralyzed, has lived a full life, and now he cannot. Lou, emotionally paralyzed, has never “fully” lived. Her mission was to give Will a reason to live – her – and his mission was to empower her to discover the richness of life – without him. The readers felt every sentient touch of a love story of humanity and difficult choices, jarring us into slowing down and looking inward.

Critics, and there were a scant few, categorized the book as chick-lit, and its message – you only get one life and it’s your duty to live it as fully as possible – belongs in a Hallmark card or on a needle-point pillow. 99.9% of the reviewers disagreed, but it points out the difference in perspective.

Will’s choice to end his life, although difficult to reconcile or justify to some, points to the importance of walking in other’s shoes. Ms. Moyes addressed the gravity of his situation delicately, interjecting a light touch just when the story needed it without pointing a moral finger one direction or the other.

I hope to duplicate Lou’s fashion sense, especially her shoes, within our garage sale inventory!

RED:              CHALLENGING
November 8th                          Everyone Brave Is Forgiven by Chris Cleave, author of Little Bee. The setting, the ever-changing landscape of World War II London, 1939.
                                                PINKISH RED
                                                Reviewer: Patsy Dehn
Home of Sheri Green
December 7th:                          WEDNESDAY NIGHT @ The Pinnacle Club. We’ll celebrate the holidays in our decorated clubhouse with a plated dinner. Details to follow.
                                                Seven Women by Eric Metaxas, inspirational biographies of what makes women great dwelling on a common thread of how these incredible women accomplished greatness because they are women, not in spite of being a woman.
                                                Reviewer: Rebecca Brisendine
January 10th:                            Book TBD     
                                                Reviewer: TBD
Home of Donna Walter
February 14th:                          Miss Jane by Brad Watson, set in rural Mississippi early 20th century and inspired by his aunt’s true story.
                                                DEEP PINK
                                                Reviewer: Jean Alexander
                                                Home of Pat Faherty
March 14th:                              Book TBD
Reviewer: Patty Evans
                                                Home of Jean Alexander
April 11th:                                Book TBD
                                                Reviewer: Barbara Creach
                                                Home of Rokhshie Malone
May 9th                                    Tentative date.
                                                Book and Home: TBD
                                                Reviewer: Pat Faherty

News from Alabama – MN has formed the Dauphin Island Book Club, which will debut in January, taking a page from Bookers by reading, A Man Called Ove…..(the movie is now airing in select theaters.) So now, she has two Clubs to take care of! We continue our search for Bookers’ books to fill out the rest of our year. We will keep you updated. 

Happy Reading,

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