Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bookers & The Pinnacle Women's Club Supports Local Author, Abby Rike

A product of East Texas, Abby Rike, details the tragic loss of her husband and two children in a car crash and her climb out of that darkness with the help of family, friends, and faith.  She held a book signing on May 20th at Mabank High School to share her story and thank the community.  In attendance were members of the Pinnacle Women's Club and Bookers who were there to cheer her efforts.  Abby was a contestant on television's The Biggest Loser and credits that experience for the change in both her physical and emotional well being. As she shed the pounds, the personal anguish began to dissapate opening the doors to inner strength, hope, and wisdom.  This is a story worth telling and one of those uplifting sagas that warms the heart.


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